The Kabin Resort Maredumilli

Cottage For 2 Members - Rs 3000/-

SH 41.  Thurruru, Near Geddada, Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh 533295

+91 9553537666, 9640215999

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Welcome to The Kabin Resort, a unique container-type lodging unit with a smart modular concept catered for a one of a kind holiday experience. The Kabin Resort  has been offering the perfect holiday experience. Read More

The Kabin Resort Location

Mountain Valley 

Opp: 4th Pillar Road Cum Rail Bridge

Near Jodugulla Temples,

Godavari Bund Rd, Tyagaraja Nagar,

Rajahmundry - 533101

Mobile : +91 9553537666, 9640215999
Email :

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