Mandapalli Temple

Mandapalli Temple History 
As per the Legend, Lord Indra Killed the demon Kartaba with the weapon (Vajrayudha) made out of Sage Dadichi’s spinal cord. In revenge for his father’s death, demons Pippala and Aswatha conducted a war. Sage Agasthya and others approached Saneswara for the defence. Sages offered their divine power to Shani Bhagawan. The battle between the demons and Shani went for a year and killed them at the end. Saneswara Bhagavan installed and worshipped Lord Siva to get rid of Brahma Hatya dosha.
It was mentioned in the Markandeya Purana that whoever performs Thailabhishekam for Siva at this temple will be relieved from Shani Dosha. Devotees used to perform Poojas for Nageswara Lingam to get rid of Naga Dosha. This Linga was installed and worshipped by the Serpent Karkotaka. Brahmeswara Lingam was installed by Lord Brahma. Sage Gouthama installed Venugopala Swamy as the Kshetra Palaka.

Shani Trayodasi, Masa Sivaratri and Maha Sivaratri will be celebrated in a grand. Devotees used to perform Abhishekam for Lord Siva with gingelly oil. Shani Trayodasi occurs twice in four months. Temple will be heavily crowded on Shani Trayodasi which comes before Amavasya than on Shani Trayodasi before Pournami day.

Lord Siva is called by Mandeswara Swamy, who resides here with his consorts Parvati Devi.

Mountain Valley 

Opp: 4th Pillar Road Cum Rail Bridge

Near Jodugulla Temples,

Godavari Bund Rd, Tyagaraja Nagar,

Rajahmundry - 533101

Mobile : +91 9553537666, 9640215999
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