Kadiyam Nurseries

Kadiyam located in the Godavari basin is richly fertile, abundantly irrigated and naturally available place for the development of Nurseries.Moderate Temperatures and high relative humidity are also the additional factors for high plant production.It is located 15 kms from nearest Railway station and Airport,Rajahmundry.Kadiyam Nurseries are spread over a radius of 10 kms comprising villages viz.Kadiyam,Kadiyapulanka,Burrilanka,Veeravaram,Pottilanka,Venkayyammapeta and Damireddypalli.

Kadiyam is the place where nurseries are as old as 100yrs, and till date it has approx.600-800 nurseries,ranging from 0.5 acres to 200 acres.Nursery industry in kadiyam is connected in 3000 acres and provides full time employment to more than 30,000 labourers and 25,000 contract labour.Apart from this a number of industries like Pot industry,Agri-inputs, Polythene products ,Micro-irrigation systems,Agri-machinery are highly dependent on these nurseries.

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